Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness practice helps us train our minds, allowing us to be fully aware, in the present moment, without judgement. For centuries, practitioners of mindfulness have experienced benefits such as greater ease, harmony, connection, and happiness. Now, scientific research is proving that these and other changes are real, measurable, and achievable by nearly anyone who fully commits to the practice.

Research has shown that a regular mindfulness practice can help to:

In addition, mindfulness allows you to:

  • Respond to challenges thoughtfully, rather than react emotionally
  • Identify, enhance, and act in accordance with your core values
  • Focus more on kindness, service, and gratitude
  • Resolve conflicts effectively
  • Accept and appreciate reality as it is

To be clear, mindfulness practice is not a magic pill that will lead you to a pain-free life of unceasing joy. When practiced regularly over time, however, it can give you the tools you need to ride the inevitable ups and downs of life with greater equanimity and less reactivity. As the title of Dan Harris’s wonderful book suggests, mindfulness can get you to a place where you are 10% Happier.



Working with a Coach

Whether you’ve just discovered mindfulness and want to learn how to integrate it into your daily life, or you have a solid understanding of the concepts but need help jumpstarting your practice, mindfulness coaching offers individualized programs that provide guidance, support, and encouragement as you take the next step on your path to greater awareness, ease, and joy.

7-Day Introductory Program

After an initial consultation in which we’ll determine your specific needs and goals, you’ll receive a daily email for one week. Each email will contain an assignment designed to help you build your practice, including instructions for a short written response to the assignment, which you will return to me at the end of each day. Based on your response, I will design the following day’s assignment. At the end of the week, we’ll assess your progress and I’ll give you a detailed plan for how to continue your practice on your own.

Concepts Covered:

  • Meditation
  • Gratitude
  • Service
  • Self-Compassion
  • Mindful Living

Time Commitment: 30-45 minutes a day for 7 days

Cost: $125

water_stones1-1024x64015-Day Integrative Program

Same as above, except that the assignments are more in-depth and will arrive every other day. This approach allows for greater integration of your practice into your daily life over a longer period of time. In addition, we will have a final consultation to review your progress and design a plan for your on-going practice.

Concepts Covered: Same as above, PLUS:

  • The Stories We Tell Ourselves
  • The Power of Language
  • Responding vs. Reacting
  • Transformative Self-Talk

Time Commitment: 15 minutes a day practice, plus 30-45 minutes written responses every other day, for 15 days

Cost: $195



30-Day Immersive Program

As above, but with assignments arriving every third day, as well as the opportunity for email exchanges on a daily basis if questions arise. This approach gives you the time to fully immerse yourself in the practice in a way that increases the likelihood of mindfulness becoming an integral part of your life. We’ll have a final consultation to review your progress and design a plan for your on-going practice, and I’ll be available via email to answer questions for an additional 30 days after the program ends.

Concepts Covered: Same as above, PLUS:

  • Conscious Communication
  • Asking For What You Need
  • Working with Anxiety
  • Healthy Selfishness

Time Commitment: 15-20 minutes a day practice, plus 45-90 minutes for written responses every third day, for 30 days

Cost: $325

If you have any questions, or for a free consultation, contact me here.